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Our blog has been created to update people on what our group is doing on a weekly basis. This will include Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and any outside events.

20 years of Beavers

Beavers Posted on Fri, February 07, 2014 22:41:24

Last October saw a birthday party for the Beavers. That is 20 years of Beavers at 19th. Beavers and leaders past and present came and celebrated with a cake , to see old photos and play games. It was really nice to see Grey Beaver – David Finnigan, The original leader, come down from up north. Plenty of old beavers from all ages also came to visit us, the oldest there was 22 years old – here is to another twenty years

camp day visit

Beavers Posted on Wed, May 30, 2012 22:13:41

26th of May, and time for the Beavers to visit the Cub camp. Meeting at the hall, and onto the coach, we arrived at camp just before the Cubs came back from their activities. exploring the area and shopping,before lunch, and playing with some of the Cubs. After lunch the Beavers went of and tried the camp orienteering challenge, before Otter said to give up – it was not very good, back to camp and headdress making with Badger,and games.

The cubs came back and the Beavers joined them in the water fight against the leaders and then the water slide. a quick change and onto lassoing , face paints, fire lighting and challenges. Dinner time and playing in the sun, before back on the mini bus and home. Hot , tired and happy


Beavers Posted on Sat, March 03, 2012 16:59:50

September and the Colony hike around Coate before enjoying the swings, for their first Hike badge

football in the community

Beavers Posted on Wed, April 28, 2010 16:22:55

An evening with Swindon Town Football in the Community aiding the beavers with their ball skills. An enjoyable evening for all smiley

African Drumming Session – Taster

Beavers Posted on Tue, February 09, 2010 21:19:16

On Monday 8th February, the Beavers had a special evening planned for them by Chile.

Paul Ashman, a local musician and teacher with Swindon Music Service, came down for an evening of African Drumming. Paul brought an assortment of African drums. The beavers used one each, and sat in a circle around Paul!

In the session they learnt how to properly use the drums, how to keep rhythm and invent their own beats, and also played a few rhythm related games. Everyone had a great time, and made a lot of noise!