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Our blog has been created to update people on what our group is doing on a weekly basis. This will include Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and any outside events.

Canoeing at the Oasis

Cubs Posted on Mon, June 08, 2015 00:18:44

On Sunday 7th June (yes a busy weekend for us), we were at the Oasis Leisure Centre for an evening of canoeing there.

It was something that most of the Cubs had never tried before and they all did very well. Everybody was very excited to have a go and tried very hard to learn how to turn, brake in a short space of time.

They also got to have a go at capsizing, taking it in turns, which was great. Some of the Cubs were a bit worried about that bit but everybody had a go so well done.

At the end of the session it was time to turn the wave machine on and the water sprinkler, much to the Cubs delight (but not mine!). Also a game involving me running over a row of children in canoes as fast as I could – I think falling off four times was enough!

I was pleased with how well behaved and polite everybody was.


Cub Bike Ride

Cubs Posted on Mon, June 08, 2015 00:14:56

On Saturday 6th June, the Cubs set off from Coate Water at 10am on our first ever bike ride. The idea was that it would be a nice trip around the countryside with their mates in the sunshine…and for the most part it actually was!

I don’t think they were counting on it being 12 miles of all terrain cycling though…we had high grass, gravel, hills, steep drops, roads, bridges, meadows and puddles. It was a huge challenge for some of the Cubs, all of them pushed themselves to finish it and nobody moaned once which was really nice! Definitely something we will do again next year.Well done everyone.


Visit from Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow

Cubs Posted on Wed, April 30, 2014 19:47:14

On Tuesday 29th April, we were lucky enough to have a special guest and old friend of mine come in to run the evening.

Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow visited and the Cubs got to see and handle an assortment of tarantulas, stick insects, geckos and snakes! All the while during the night, Jonathan was able to teach them about the origins of each animal and a bit about them.

Lots of photo and video opportunities – please find them above! Click to enlarge. If any parent wants the full resolution photograph of their child, please contact me.


15/05/2012 – Personal Safety, with three silver awards and investments

Cubs Posted on Tue, May 15, 2012 20:48:52

Busy night at Cubs tonight! The sixes spent the evening with a leader each, learning about the different aspects of personal safety, and about which people are okay to talk to when out and about.

This included learning about railway safety and the new electrified railway coming to Swindon.

At the end of the night, we had three investments – welcome to Tom who has just moved up from Beavers, and Connor, who has just officially joined Cubs after coming for a few weeks. Also welcome to Daniel who has just joined too!

We also gave out two silver awards – congratulations Daniel & Oliver – this award is the biggest that a Cub Scout can achieve!

Group T-shirts now on sale!

General Posted on Tue, May 15, 2012 15:36:49

As we’re going into summer, it is often too hot to be wearing a scout shirt or cub jumper. So we’ve designed a new group t-shirt for all sections.

The t-shirts are a light material, sky blue in colour. On the front chest there is white text: ’19th Swindon Scouts’. All sizes are available and the cost is £4 per shirt.

They are on sale at all Beaver, Cub & Scout meetings at the hall. Please ask any leader for assistance.

African Drumming Session – Taster

Beavers Posted on Tue, February 09, 2010 21:19:16

On Monday 8th February, the Beavers had a special evening planned for them by Chile.

Paul Ashman, a local musician and teacher with Swindon Music Service, came down for an evening of African Drumming. Paul brought an assortment of African drums. The beavers used one each, and sat in a circle around Paul!

In the session they learnt how to properly use the drums, how to keep rhythm and invent their own beats, and also played a few rhythm related games. Everyone had a great time, and made a lot of noise!

Welcome to our new blog!

General Posted on Wed, June 17, 2009 22:13:41

Welcome to our new blog!

This is a space that leader’s can update parents on activities and events that are going on within our group.

Please look in the respective categories for your child’s section (beavers, cubs, scouts).

This area will provide feedback on any events and changes going on within the group, from the leaders themselves.

Parents – feel free to comment on blog posts to have your say.

Thanks, Luke