On Sunday 7th June (yes a busy weekend for us), we were at the Oasis Leisure Centre for an evening of canoeing there.

It was something that most of the Cubs had never tried before and they all did very well. Everybody was very excited to have a go and tried very hard to learn how to turn, brake in a short space of time.

They also got to have a go at capsizing, taking it in turns, which was great. Some of the Cubs were a bit worried about that bit but everybody had a go so well done.

At the end of the session it was time to turn the wave machine on and the water sprinkler, much to the Cubs delight (but not mine!). Also a game involving me running over a row of children in canoes as fast as I could – I think falling off four times was enough!

I was pleased with how well behaved and polite everybody was.