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Our blog has been created to update people on what our group is doing on a weekly basis. This will include Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and any outside events.

Scout Camp 1 2015

Scouts Posted on Tue, May 05, 2015 23:23:38

May and of we went to Youlbury, that is 23 Scouts and 5 leaders, settling in we wandered the camp before game time, supper and relax round the camp fire. Saturday and the Scouts decided to wake the leaders – well two of us, by 6.10 am, At this point we discovered we had been robbed – that is by squirrels who in the night had run of and eaten four bags of our waffles! After breakfast it was time for our take on the Olympics , three teams taking part in events as diverse as team Gymnastics, team synchronised swimming and horse racing. After lunch and a shop visit it was time for either zip wire and all aboard, back for afternoon cakes then tea, making the best of what they are given is the best description. Eating competition time, funny to watch not to take part. More games and then camp fire and story time, singing and more games, Stuart style. relax time before the rain came down , so a little earlier to bed.
The rain certainly came down in the night and during the morning but we kept going, filling the van with what we could before the Scouts went either to archery or Jacobs ladder, then the sun came out and we could finally brake the tents down after lunch, just as the heavens open. anyway I think all the Scouts enjoyed it. Thanks to Stuart, Adam, Otter, Akela and the return of Hawk

Les Barnes 2015

Scouts Posted on Tue, May 05, 2015 22:49:19

Straight after the chess tournament – I mean straight after – myself, Bronte and William drove to Cricklade to the start of the incident hike , called Les Barnes, a girl and boy team of older Scouts. Starting in late afternoon at different times, the teams walked into the dark around the lakes of Ashton Keynes. Both getting a little lost, but still coming home in good times. Completing the bases as they went. At the time of writing this we are still awaiting results, but well done to Alfie, Chris, Jack, William, Bronte, Hannah , Bethany and Lennie

just in we finished 12th and an excellent 4th – our best ever result – really well done

Chess tournament

Group Events Posted on Tue, May 05, 2015 22:32:53

After the previous year when all our best Scout players were missing, this year everyone was present, producing three teams of four, with a young cub team and a half also entering. All who took part took the competition seriously but had fun, both in the competition and round the waiting tables with team manager Adam, Kaa and Otter. A special well done to the team of Oliver, Daniel, Sam and Carter, winning all but one point (losing to Ryan from our second team, storming to the trophy we last won in 2013, good news also to the cubs who came in second, a good day with good rewards, well done everyone

swimming gala 2015

Group Events Posted on Tue, May 05, 2015 22:07:31

A team of cubs and Scouts entered the competition, with Kaa and Adam leading, certainly with the Scouts experience from last year we went into the competition with some hope, The team as always cheered and shouted for each and every team mate. Each cub or Scout tried their hardest for the team, with some great results. When the final count up was made a few individual wins, brought another 2nd for the Scouts and a 3rd for the Cubs, however that brought the team trophy – the most important trophy – back to the group – well done everyone