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Our blog has been created to update people on what our group is doing on a weekly basis. This will include Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and any outside events.

Lands end o John o’Groats

Scouts Posted on Wed, July 08, 2015 21:08:20

June, and after a lot of planning and sorting it was time for the indoor team hike challenge, over 757 miles to John O’Groats, 21 Scouts and 6 leaders took 21 hours to walk the distance. Everyone had to do an average of about 28 miles, with some doing more than others. It was a very hard event, walking throughout the night and through the day. With other adults coming in to supply us extra food. we finished at about 3.30pm, after completing an extra 26 miles to make up for a few Scouts who could not manage to record their mileage correctly. This was not a normal challenge but a hard one that any adult would find challenging. Each person taking part should be proud of what was achieved

Cycle Speedway

Scouts Posted on Fri, June 12, 2015 13:30:14

This was our first year in the district cycle speedway competition. We entered four teams of four (the most) and battled away to try and get to the finals. We won some , lost some and had some injuries (Oliver and Bronte) the worst. Finally one of our sides got through to the finals, where we were beaten by some stronger teams on the day. However it was a good day with everyone saying they would do it again next year

Canoeing at the Oasis

Cubs Posted on Mon, June 08, 2015 00:18:44

On Sunday 7th June (yes a busy weekend for us), we were at the Oasis Leisure Centre for an evening of canoeing there.

It was something that most of the Cubs had never tried before and they all did very well. Everybody was very excited to have a go and tried very hard to learn how to turn, brake in a short space of time.

They also got to have a go at capsizing, taking it in turns, which was great. Some of the Cubs were a bit worried about that bit but everybody had a go so well done.

At the end of the session it was time to turn the wave machine on and the water sprinkler, much to the Cubs delight (but not mine!). Also a game involving me running over a row of children in canoes as fast as I could – I think falling off four times was enough!

I was pleased with how well behaved and polite everybody was.


Cub Bike Ride

Cubs Posted on Mon, June 08, 2015 00:14:56

On Saturday 6th June, the Cubs set off from Coate Water at 10am on our first ever bike ride. The idea was that it would be a nice trip around the countryside with their mates in the sunshine…and for the most part it actually was!

I don’t think they were counting on it being 12 miles of all terrain cycling though…we had high grass, gravel, hills, steep drops, roads, bridges, meadows and puddles. It was a huge challenge for some of the Cubs, all of them pushed themselves to finish it and nobody moaned once which was really nice! Definitely something we will do again next year.Well done everyone.


Cub Hike

Cubs Posted on Tue, May 19, 2015 22:27:46

A lovely Saturday morning and a group of Cubs set of from Wroughton , into the hills beyond, with the sun shinning the cubs walked well, even when a wrong turning was made. through the hills, through the woods, across the main road, past the church, and down past the farm and back across the fields. Everyone did very well, even when the stinging nettles got one or to no real complaints, finishing ahead of schedule, thanks to Akela Adam and Otter

cycle speedway practice

Scouts Posted on Tue, May 19, 2015 22:18:48

Friday the 15th of May, and 13 Scouts and five leaders / parents learnt the basics of cycle Speedway, a few crashes, including a lovely grazed face from Akela but a lot of fun. Hopefully everyone is now ready for the district competition in June.

Present Trophys

Scouts Posted on Sat, May 09, 2015 19:15:09

Held as of 7/5/2015, from left to right

Streetwise accompanied 2014
Team swimming cubs / Scouts 2015
Chess 2015
Streetwise Explorer 2014
Best sweet 2015

Scout Camp 1 2015

Scouts Posted on Tue, May 05, 2015 23:23:38

May and of we went to Youlbury, that is 23 Scouts and 5 leaders, settling in we wandered the camp before game time, supper and relax round the camp fire. Saturday and the Scouts decided to wake the leaders – well two of us, by 6.10 am, At this point we discovered we had been robbed – that is by squirrels who in the night had run of and eaten four bags of our waffles! After breakfast it was time for our take on the Olympics , three teams taking part in events as diverse as team Gymnastics, team synchronised swimming and horse racing. After lunch and a shop visit it was time for either zip wire and all aboard, back for afternoon cakes then tea, making the best of what they are given is the best description. Eating competition time, funny to watch not to take part. More games and then camp fire and story time, singing and more games, Stuart style. relax time before the rain came down , so a little earlier to bed.
The rain certainly came down in the night and during the morning but we kept going, filling the van with what we could before the Scouts went either to archery or Jacobs ladder, then the sun came out and we could finally brake the tents down after lunch, just as the heavens open. anyway I think all the Scouts enjoyed it. Thanks to Stuart, Adam, Otter, Akela and the return of Hawk

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